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We assist health care professionals by maximizing their Financial Returns. We do that by elevating your business to a national level (with the exception of restricted states). Limitations like time, location, and quantity should no longer have relevance in our modern world.


We operate a network of U.S. licensed pharmacies and doctors that are paid weekly in full. We also operate in line with your preferences pertaining, but not limited to:

  • Products you want to ship
  • States/regions you want to operate in
  • Means of distribution


Other features are:

  • Easy setup (takes about a day to get started
  • Flexible order volume (only fill orders that you are comfortable with)
  • Online backend system that allows you to keep track of filled orders
  • Weekly payout reports helping you to keep track of pending payments
  • Prepaid printable postage


Please do not contact us if you are not a U.S. licensed pharmacy or doctor located in the United States.
Contact us today and discover how to make an incredible amount of additional income with your existing business.


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